Espresso Coffee and Espresso Machines

Coffee has become a big part of our culture. Gone are the days when coffee meant a black cup of drip brew coffee, possibly spiced with a splash of milk and a spoon of sugar. With the espresso entering the market, coffee culture as we know it has gone through a revolution leaving us with more variation possibilities than we can even imagine. The espresso is just as much a drinking culture as it is an art form and it is the base of most of our beloved coffee drinks.

Many homes and small businesses purchase their own espresso machines to make their own ultimate shot of coffee. Lots of money and time is spent on these machines and after experiencing your own perfect espresso, there is no turning back. A plain drip brew coffee is no longer enough for the coffee lovers across the world.

To become a barista you need education and experience, making the perfect coffee drink is not something you learn in an hour or two, it is knowledge that you might spend the rest of your life trying to achieve. There are even contests in coffee making, to enter such a competition you have to be professional barista, spending all your time and energy on experimenting with flavors and techniques. All steps in coffee making, from the origin of the bean to the foam design on the top are extremely important – and of course all the steps in between.

The History of Coffee
The origin and cultural journey of coffee from 600 AD and up until today.
Everything about espresso, the history, the coffee bean, the crema and of of course the taste sensation.
Espresso Machines
There are many different types of espresso machines, which one is best depends mostly of who will be using it.
Automatic Espresso Machines
With the press of a button the water is heated, the coffee beans are ground, tamped into the filter and brewed into the waiting espresso cup.
Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines
A semi-automatic espresso machine gives you a lot more to do than an automatic one.
Piston Espresso Machines
The piston espresso machine is the automatic machines’ predecessor. It requires more from its user than any other espresso machine, but gives at the same time more freedom and more possibilities.
Moka Makers
The moka maker doesn´t have any similarities with the other espresso machines, and doesn´t really produce real espresso.
Pod Machines
The pod machine is another automatic espresso machine. It is very easy to use thanks to the small, pre-tamped little packages of ground coffee that is called pods.
Making Espresso
For the real professionals it has taken years to learn how to make the perfect shot of espresso and it of utmost importance to have a sensitive sense of taste and detail.
Espresso Based Coffee Drinks
There is a whole world of espresso based coffee drinks. Here we will present the most classic ones.
The accessories that makes a better espresso.